The fusion of content and commerce

Customers are demanding, well connected and informed. Thus, brands and merchants must increasingly focus on providing their customers and prospects an entertaining, inspiring and efcient shopping experience or risk losing business. In a world where retail giant Amazon is eating up more and more market share and even popular brands are becoming commoditized in the process, experience- led commerce is one of the most promising strategies to achieve diferentiation, recognition and drive new customer sales.

A fundamental building block for these shopping experiences is to merge editorial content with commerce elements. As many companies are already equipped with suitable teams and technology, the goal is to build bridges in smart ways, both with regard to their organizational structure and the technologies they use.

This whitepaper will outline the necessary steps for implementing a sustainable content commerce strategy and support brands and merchants to opt for a suitable integration approach.

Frans Stijnman - Customer Experience and Digital Strategy

Frans is an expert in the field of customer experience and digital strategy. With elaborate experience in the IT domain and doing projects for major international brands, Frans is passionate about the digital world and how this impacts companies and society.

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