Translating to Omnichannel Part 2

September 5, 2018
By Victor Terpstra

The customer nowadays expects your company to be present at the channels and devices where he or she is present, to know exactly who he is and to offer relevant information and products. Failing to offer a meaningful and valuable customer experience, is failing to differentiate. A big part of the customer experience is the ongoing interaction between company and customer. Engagement drives loyalty, and loyalty drives business. A study by Peoplemetrics showed 13% higher revenue growth at companies with a higher customer engagement. Forrester even reported 17% higher revenue growth in their study Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth 2016.

  • How to build a strong business case for Omnichannel
  • If your company is ready for omnichannel
  • What Omnichannel pitfalls to avoid
  • The 9 most common reasons why omnichannel fails

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