Making your innovation a success - Validate your hypothesis

Part 2 of 3

In all markets and industries across the world, disruption is resetting the playing field. Companies that want to stay in business need to adapt to change and implement innovation at their core. But what we find however at most companies, is that business leaders have no idea where or even how to start. Mesmerized by the speed of it all, companies either cling on to their proven businesses or put all their stakes on a complete new and very risky venture. With a series of three Innovation white papers we aim to provide you with a logical framework, tools and clear examples to help you innovate successfully.

This whitepaper will teach you:

✔ Methodologies and tools that help you validate your ideas and assumptions

✔ How to put the Lean Start up principles to practice

✔ How to structure your company for change

Frans Stijnman - Customer Experience and Digital Strategy

Frans is an expert in the field of customer experience and digital strategy. With elaborate experience in the IT domain and doing projects for major international brands, Frans is passionate about the digital world and how this impacts companies and society.

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