E-business specialist

E-Business specialist

The perfect fit between functionality and design

Osudio is an e-business specialist

Osudio is one of Europe’s largest e-business specialists. Our business is about people and how they interact with technology. That's why we place such a high value on UX and digital communication skills. We constantly search for the right balance between cutting edge user experience and robust technology. Because, let’s face it, what good is great technology if people have trouble using it?

As part of the SQLI group, we are operating from 30 offices in 11 countries, including high quality nearshore facilities in Morocco and South Africa. This makes us one of the largest and most experienced full service digital agencies in Europe.

A people business A people business

A people business

Our employees come from all over the world. They are digital strategists, user experience designers, visual designers, business and application consultants, front-end developers, software architects, Java developers, integration specialists, customer service managers and quality assurance professionals.

Everyone is working together towards a common goal: to make your project a succes. Team spirit, fun and passion is what drives our people.

Entrepeneurs at heart

Forward together

Osudio is IT and UX combined with an Agile development method. We are passionate about e-business, always searching for ways to innovate.

In the digital world in which we operate, technological and customer requirements are rapidly changing. In order to make our customers even more successful across all channels, we have joined forces with the SQLI group. This allows us to offer a wider spectrum of services and technologies, including new mobile, data, AI and engagement propositions.Due to our expanded European presence, we are always close to you. Together we continue to craft and deliver meaningful digital experiences to our customers.

Our people

"Osudio is based on teams of skilled, inspirational and driven people who are not afraid of professional challenges."

Peter van Reijmersdal

CEO, Osudio

Do you want to lead in digital as well?

In an ever changing world, technology keeps changing the way we buy and sell products. Our clients turn to us for guidance in their digital operation. Our mission is to create an atmosphere where success can thrive and build long-lasting relationships with our customers to help them move forward. Our culture is based on craftmanship, digital drivers and diversity united. We are passionate about creativity and everything digital. So join our mission and let's be successful together.